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"Early adopters" are enjoying most of the opportunities and benefits!

As I like to say when explaining to people about E-commerce,

Imagine a train that started to move on the track,

In the beginning, it starts slowly and gains speed while on the move.

Imagine someone offering you a ticket to a place you have never heard about, A different place you have never been yet.

Would you go up on this train or not?

For example, If you take the "adoption curve,"

The first enthusiastic(the innovators) will jump on the opportunity. The "early adopters" are the visionary people who can see the future and where the world is going. After that, there are the "pragmatists," who are the early majority; we have the "conservatives," that are the late majority; and there are the "skeptics," who come last.

What do you consider yourself?

In this post, I would like to speak to the "Early adopters" because this is the stage we are in at the moment,

The "Enthosiastics" takes higher risks when jumping into unknown adventures. They already found that the e-commerce industry is highly worth investing in due to its high potential and revenue share.

Early adopters seized this opportunity and started taking seats in this moving train.

Today, more early adopters are filling the train and enjoying first-class seats. Only a few dozen intelligent aggregators are winning the jackpot so far and can pick the digital assets they want and increase their portfolio and profits to the max.

More and more funds are getting into this territory and improving their investors' profits. The faster you react, you secure yourself a better seat.

Think about real estate and be honest with yourself; how many good opportunities are out there? Are you enjoying the returns? Does It's still exciting you? (only you know the answer)

In short, this train has left the first station. It's moving and increasing its speed gradually.

Are you an "early adopter," "pragmatist," "conservative," or "skeptic"?

Open your eyes and mind to the new world!

Have a marvelous year,

Ecreate Freedom LTD

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