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Good service is at least as important as the offer on the table.

How many times did you come down disappointed with your service provider?

How do you even define your preferred service? Did you ever stopped and thought about it seriously?

As a service provider always looking to learn and improve, I pay a lot of attention to all kinds of services, from going to a hotel with my wife to the teachers at my son's school and the cashier at the supermarket.

Service is measured not only when things go as they should, and we don't need to talk to someone because we experienced some issues regarding a certain "product" we purchased.

In my opinion, good service is measured by a couple of different things,

here are my 50 cents for service providers:

  1. Listen to the customer - let him know he's being seen and listened to. It will automatically open the door for better communication.

  2. "The customer is always right" - well, I don't believe in that, but when throwing darts and blame towards somebody, he will never listen to what you want to say. Start the conversation with "I" and not with "you."

  3. Boundaries - your product is good; keep everyone from saying otherwise. sometimes, when you give too much of yourself, people use it against you and don't appreciate what's been given to them. Give to the ones that can appreciate your service rather than those who don't.

  4. Time and place: If you have an important meeting, zoom, or call with a customer, focus on the specific meeting/call to the particular customer and don't do other things while you are on the call. Respect yourself and those in front of you, and schedule a convenient time for both of you.

  5. Togetherness - a good deal is when both sides are happy (win-win). Keep it up and make your customer feel important and that you are with him all the way through. Unfortunately, many companies will surround you and throw roses and promises just to have you with them. But after joining, they treat you differently.

  6. Gestures - See how you can provide small gestures to your customers. You will be appreciated for this and will be considered someone who cares.

I would love to hear your point of view on what's a good service for you.

Share this if you believe it can help someone to improve their service :)

Thank you, and have a great day,

Niv Michover

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