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How cultural differences affect growth and progress

From personal observation, after relocating with my family to a different country, I can see a huge difference in how culture affects progress.

For example, From where I'm coming from, digital platforms and eCommerce started their impact with becoming a seller or an owner of such business 5 - 6 years ago.

I remember ordering products online on eBay and Amazon ten years ago.

One major thing I've noticed is that Europe is quite different compared to the US market in buying online and investing in digital assets.

For comparison, in the US, more than 50% of the population is used to buying online.

On their web browser, you can see the Amazon page.

They used to search for products of any kind directly on Amazon.

I am still using Google for that, but most people in the US are used to something else.

Still, in general, the west and far east started using online services of all kinds and don't look back, while others like Europe were exposed and started using the benefits this world has to offer later on.

The Covid 19 had its impact and pushed progress forward, but there is much more to come.

We can't deny that online and eCommerce is here to stay. With this came many new opportunities for entrepreneurs and intelligent investors who saw an opportunity lying there waiting for someone to take it.

I fell in love with eCommerce seven years ago when I looked for a change in my life. I wanted to go into a living, dynamic, new, and exciting niche. I just wanted to create a passive income channel for myself, and I found a crazy world full of opportunities where the sky is the limit.

Since that period, when I discovered the potential of this world, I've been trying to spread the news.

Know that,

If you want to bring more innovation and opportunities and be a part of the future in its early stages, look for what online and eCommerce offer,

you might fall in love as well.

I hope I helped you open your eyes a little :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


Ecreate Freedom LTD

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