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I wanted to get out of the MATRIX!

How I fell in love with E-commerce, the short version :)

Eight years ago, while working in the high-tech industry, something told me I wanted to do more, to bring out more qualities. Don't get me wrong; I loved my developer and research laboratory director job. But I felt like I have much more to give.

Plus, there is a big difference between working for a company as an employee rather than being a company owner.

I started looking for ideas to help me express myself.

As my nature, I love solving problems and looking for solutions.

When customers abroad had issues, I was the one the company sent to think creatively about giving a unique solution to their problems.

Besides that, I was looking to create a passive income channel.

Build something that will start making a couple of extra bucks.

I saw an ad that says, "work 2 hours a week and create yourself $10K a month with an Amazon store."

Of course, back then, I was falling for that #####. I quickly understood that I had been fooled.

You can not run a business with only two hours per week. I was green :)

But it was a gift. I fell in love with the idea that combines creativity, technical abilities, and the love of helping people.

Long story short,

The eCommerce world changed my life.

A year after I quit my job and started my first privet label brand and company, I even wrote a couple of patents for products I have developed for customers.

This world instantly swept me away. I was able to touch people worldwide with the creation of valued products for end customers.

There is a need for creativity in developing products that answer the customers' desires, but there is also a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

Today, we are building privet label brands from scratch for investors and use our vast experience in searching for the right assets to invest in. We research, scale, and sell it while aiming for an exit.

If you find the world of e-commerce fascinates you, fill free to contact us.

Have a year full of new and exciting things,

Niv Michover

Ecreate Freedom LTD

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