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It is a Fact! Without trusting people, you should close down your business.

Trust is an essential quality that must exist between you and your business partner.

The way I see it, before any investment I took, or any third-party contractor/employee, my decision was based on trust.

You will agree that, whether you out-talked this matter or inner talked between you and yourself, trust has the most significant effect on making decisions.

Share your thoughts if you do or do not think the same.

Of course, there are facts we need to test before, but eventually, the crucial weight is whether we trust this person.

True story,

When I started the company in my first years, I needed human resources in some of the positions.

I had to use reliable contractors to help support the production, graphics, freight forwarding, Etc, so I had to work with many third-party contractors.

Thank god, I have most of them in-house today. And the ones I don't keep in-house, we have been working for a couple of years now, so we have established an excellent relationship.

But I won't forget how I lost a lot of money using the wrong "business partners."

When you are a starter, you must face the fact that un honest people will use the fact that you still need to gain the right experience and make their move on you.

You can find a lot of service providers that still do this and use people that don't understand enough.

I was a victim several times until I understood where I was wrong and learned.

I lost tens of thousands of dollars because I didn't know enough and had to use a service provider.

Everybody wants to earn money, which is terrific; I would too, and I love it. But it's most painful when someone hurts your trust and takes advantage of your weak spot.

But, when you have a trustworthy business partner, the sky is the limit and beyond.

It took a while till I started to trust people again; it was worth it.

You can grow in a certain way by yourself, imagining having two or three "yourself" next to you. :)

I thank my business partners every day.

Keep faith in people; keep believing.


Niv Michover

Ecreate Freedom LTD

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