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Know how to listen to your intuition before investing in a new venture

Having doubts doesn't mean you are skeptical; listen to your intuition when investing in a new venture.

The first thing when I'm getting into a new venture in a new project that I'm not familiar with, I start to have doubts.

These doubts are highly essential, and we need to respect them.

Why does it happen?

Like everything new to us, our subconscious wants to keep us safe.

This is one of its main purposes, and It doesn't want us to get hurt.

The people who are successful know how to work with the doubt factor and learn how to harness their subconscious for their own good.

How do they do this, and how can we actually harness our "protector" for our own good?

Actually, it's pretty simple but requires practice (like everything in life)

Let's see the steps:

  1. Know yourself - when knowing yourself and paying attention to what makes you react is the key. You will need to recognize the things that make your doubts appear.

  2. Know to make a difference - ask yourself if it's because it's something new or if your instincts are telling you to back off for the right reason.

  3. Distinguish - know if it is a fear of the unknown or whether you have a fear of failure. Or whether It is the fear of success.

  4. Trust - trust yourself to have the right decision that it is not running by the above paragraph. (you know what's right for you)

  5. Mutual trust - you need to have an amount of trust with the other side. Look for shared values and good transparent communication.

  6. "Talk" to your self-consciousness - "take him out for coffee" and explain you don't need him right now and thank him for keeping you safe.

These are research-based factors to help you make the right decisions each time you come to a point where you see an opportunity knocking on your door.

Your "new you" is evolving and starts to ask questions; welcome them with open hands.

Enjoy the journey,

Niv Michover

Ecreate Freedom LTD

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