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My real story behind why going global in the first place

What actually inspired me and pushed me to go global? What's the big deal about that?

Well, this is my personal story :)

When I worked for a high-tech company more than eight years ago, I had the opportunity to be sent to countries around the world to give creative solutions to clients.

What I liked most was meeting new people and learning about other cultures.

Meeting new people was and still is the most exciting thing for me.

Eight years ago, I founded a company that builds, creates, buys, and sells digital assets.

In the beginning, we only worked with local investors/clients, while my dream was always to be global.

In fact, it was the name of my first company.

We have worked with contractors around the world and sold goods around the world as well,

So why not work with investors from around the world...

We have created a situation where investors can invest in digital real estate.

It is an innovative and rapidly growing field.

The turning point was when we relocated to Cyprus.

The Covid situation made us think, "We are global and not tied to a specific place.

Let's be brave and do it. We can always come back if something goes wrong and we don't like it."

This is the best thing that has happened to me when it comes to following my dream of being global.

It opened the door to the world, and I started meeting new people and spreading the word about what we were doing.

To some, it sounds like a startup or a dream that seems too good to be true, but to others, it's an amazing opportunity.

Myself, I do what I believe should be done:

Share and spread the word about the amazing world of digital assets and e-commerce.

I truly believe in this world and have eaten and breathed it 24/7 for the past eight years.

The relocation opened the door for me. I realized that the world is really small, and covid has pushed us to go out and meet each other through electronic meetings.

So when people reach out, or I'm the one making contact, I never send details like sheets or presentations in advance. I always prefer to see whom I'm talking to first.

The human connection is something we must maintain, especially when doing business together.

When we have a good connection, mutual trust, and a really good opportunity, the sky is the limit to what we can do together.

So I welcome you to apply; Let's meet.

I look forward to meeting good people who are looking to get out of the Matrix and are open to a new, rewarding, and exciting world.

Yours truly,

Niv Michover

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