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Newly Launched - A Star Is Born

This is how it looks when one of our clients hits the jackpot with just one of his products in his first week on Amazon.

$12,285 in sales leaves the investor with about $5,800 in net profit in the first week, with only one product out of three.

Usually, when we create a privet label brand from scratch, we aim to introduce three products simultaneously.

The reason is to minimize risk and increase the brand's success rate.

It's like "splitting the ages" and not putting them all in one basket.

Therefore, if one product fails, the other two products are there for balance.

In this case, the first product out of three has arrived and immediately started selling.

It's an amazing spectacle for the eyes to see.

We are waiting for the goods of the additional two products to be received in Amazon's warehouse and will start pushing the brand forward to generate a higher sales volume.


Ecreate Freedom LTD

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