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Why Invest in E-commerce and the benefits of having an Amazon business

For everyone who squints towards an alternative and profitable investment in the fast-growing eCommerce digital world

Just know that Venture capital firms invested over 1 billion dollars in the retail and distribution sector last year. That, and only that, can say a lot about this industry.

Small to mid-size eCommerce brands are constantly looking for VC-backed funding to get their businesses off the ground.

Top reasons why:

  1. Consumer demand for online goods continues to grow - Online shopping is extremely popular among today's consumers. Customers are more likely to research and buy products from eCommerce sites than visit physical store locations to look for them. Constantly increasing product demand opens the door for more online retailers to emerge and capture their share of a growing market.

  2. Great future potential – It's not a secret that our world is becoming lazier and lazier and looking for endless comforts and fast results.

  3. Ecom allows buyers to shop for required goods anywhere at any time of the day. Due to this factor, the e-commerce market is witnessing rapid growth.

  4. Growth potential - While it can take years before retailers can open a second physical store location, eCommerce brands successful in their initial years have more opportunities to grow and expand into international and multichannel markets faster than traditional retail stores.

  5. Sell from anywhere at any time - E-commerce businesses can sell their goods to the markets of their choice without any geographical constraints and earn optimum revenue. It has enabled companies to access the international market easily and benefitted customers with a broader product range to shop from.

  6. Everything is measurable - One of the most relevant and powerful things about the digital world is that everything can be measured, from the number of purchases, the times a product is viewed, the city or region from where it is searched for, or the payment method used by the customer; everything is main to analyze.

  7. You can have a universe of data on every aspect of the purchase cycle of their customers and thus take advantage of specific circumstances and characteristics of users to carry out advertising and remarketing strategies.

  8. You can modify how you present your products in no time, make changes, and react immediately, iterating their photographs, prices, colors, or features to see what attracts the buyer's intention.

And a better question is, why Amazon? (By Statista),

If you are already here, you know the answer and can write your reasons in the comments below. Let me touch it a little with some solid facts.

  1. Amazon app is the second most popular shopping app in the US, with more than a 98million users every month.

  2. 89% of consumers say they prefer to buy Amazon products over any other e-commerce site.

  3. As of 2020 research, there were 200 million prime subscribers. 157.4 million are from the US

  4. About 5000 products are being sold through amazon any minute.

  5. About 30% of shoppers get inside amazon looking for inspirational products even if they don't intend to buy anything specific.

  6. In 2022, Amazon will have 300 million active users.

  7. 197 million people visit every month.

  8. receives 2.2 billion visits per month.

  9. Amazon boasts nearly 50% share of the US e-commerce market.

Amazon owns more than 90% market share in five product categories: Batteries (97%), Kitchen & Dining (94%), Home Improvement Tools (93%), Golf (92%), and Skin Care (91%).

I can go on and on with some incredible facts about Amazon; that's why I've been there for the last seven years.

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