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Buying and Selling Digital Assets (Amazon FBA)



Locating the Asset and Purchasing It

  1. First, we search for the right asset according to the budget.

  2. Before buying the asset, we do the necessary work to understand its profit potential, your competitors, your ideal prospect, and the general asset life cycle.

  3. We then check for differentiation and improvement options for scaling sales and lowering expenses for a higher profit share.

  4. With due diligence, we'll check the accuracy of the information with Amazon data, the manufacturer, the freight forwarder, and the third-party logistics warehouse.

  5. Then, we ultimately oversee the migration process of the asset from the seller to the new owner (We transfer all the domains and accounts to the new owner)


Management of the Asset

  1. We first build a business plan for the asset (budget for PPC ads, marketing, graphics, copywriting, etc.).

  2. We handle asset management, including customer service, stock logistics, handling of different suppliers, conducting inventory planning, and PPC ads.


Selling the Asset

  1. We prepare the asset for sale.

  2. Then, we check sale profitability margins and timing in terms of market position (we essentially want a high multiple that will increase the ROI the most).

  3. We finally locate the right buyer for the business/asset and are responsible for the migration process.

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