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Creating and Building Brands' Private Label Assets from A-Z

Our A-Z system means we do everything for you!

We take care of everything, from product identification and development to managing your online asset on a daily basis.

What the complete A-Z system offers you:


Handling of All The Complex Logistics

  • Opening the asset

  • Opening an American bank account

  • Obtaining the required approvals for the sale of the product in the target country

  • Registering the brand in the US Patent Office

  • Sending the product to a US logistics warehouse

  • Obtaining required insurance coverage

  • Product research, development and improvement

  • Designing additional products in the category

  • Creating differentiation for a product to make it stand out from competitors, including choosing a complementary product if necessary

  • Ordering samples from competitors and manufacturers

  • Planning and developing the product packaging

Conducting All The Marketing Activities

  • Brand building

  • Professional product photography, photo editing and lifestyle

  • Copywriting of the marketing content and setting up an Amazon list

  • Creating a business page on social networks

  • Building a website

  • Building marketing strategy for the product launch

  • Keyword research and establishing an Amazon PPC advertising campaign


Overseeing the Selling Process

  • Putting together the asset to get it ready for sale

  • Assessing profitability margins

  • Evaluating the right time for the sale

  • Locating the right buyer for the business


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