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Futuristic City

About Us


Adi Brown Michover

Chief Executive Officer

I'm Adi, an established figure in the marketing and advertising industry!

With over 15 years of experience, I have developed strengths in managing creative works and executing brand-building ideas.

Over the years, I've also become a  knowledgeable business mentor who has guided many businesses in their rise to the top. I have led teams in building work processes and systems that were the foundations of their success stories.

Finally, I am a competent project manager driven by sheer will. I have overseen projects that have had a long-lasting mark in global industries.


Niv Michover

Vice President Of Sales

Having been in the high-tech industry for many years, Niv is a seasoned tech guru.


Based on his tech background, Niv is adept in research and development, making him a success-oriented individual.


He's a master at thinking out of the box, making him a very useful problem solver. He is also an entrepreneur with team leadership skills that stretch far and wide.

Futuristic City

Our Team of Experts

We have a variety of fully trained and skilled individuals proficient in:

● Amazon Sponsored Advertising (PPC experts)
● Brand Management
● Customer Service
● Locating and Sourcing Potential assets
● Locating and Sourcing Suppliers
● Digital asset operation
● Copywriting

We have a strongly motivated team united in working.
We share similar goals and never rest until we achieve desired results. Devotion and commitment rule our journey!

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