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Do You Want A Fully Set Up Amazon Digital Asset?

Welcome to ECreate Freedom Limited!

At ECreate, we specialize in buying and selling digital assets on Amazon. We assist in everything regarding helping companies and investors set up private label assets on Amazon.

Once we acquire the asset, we offer full management until the final sale. You don’t have to do anything because we do everything for you. Our know-how and experience are not only our powerful strengths, but also the perfect formula to get the goals you’ve ever dreamt about. We created from scratch over 100 brands, supporting each of them in every step of the process. This is what makes the difference, our strong background will lead you to real action and results.


Our Company

Founded in 2015, Ecreate is an e-commerce company that's well versed in asset creation and management on Amazon.

Our company works with private investors in setting up brands' private label assets on Amazon from A-Z, which means we do everything for you!

We’ve worked and created from scratch over 100 brands in building their digital assets and, thus, have a lot of experience in asset development and research marketing.


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Buying And Selling Digital Assets (Amazon FBA)

●  Locating the Asset and
    Purchasing It

●  Management of the Asset

●  Selling the Asset

Creating And Building Brands' Private Label Assets From A-Z

●  Handling of All the Complex

●  Conducting All the Marketing

●  Overseeing The Selling

We take a systematic approach to managing your investment by:

●  Generating a customized
     business plan for your asset

●  Managing the asset through
     services such as customer
     support and stock logistics

Managing Your Asset In A Way That Increases Its Value

"Ecreatefreedom LTD. brings professional knowledge, many years of experience in setting up online stores, and the ability to identify market trends. The success of an online store depends, among other things, on the selection of products, inventory management, advertising budget management, and much more... The process was carried out as an investor with complete transparency and commitment to the store's success. The ongoing management of the store is carried out professionally and with a specific adjustment of each product to the target audience and the seasons of the year, while setting annual and monthly goals, measuring the performance against the goals and making creative updates according to the changes that occur in the world of consumerism and the online world. Receiving the monthly report gives me a sense of security that I made the right choice in this investment channel and that my investment is managed professionally."

Sari Livne -  Senior Manager at EGOD BANK


Benefits of Working with ECreate Freedom Limited

We're the company that does everything for you


We offer full transparency



We have the best product sourcing


We do top research for your asset


You can break into the US Market

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